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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Statement

Oregon Pride in Business (ORPIB) believes that each member of our Q+ community deserves the chance to thrive. We hold that embracing diversity, advocating for equity, and cultivating inclusion are critical to the vitality and overall health of businesses in the state of Oregon and beyond. 

ORPIB intends to become a model in our State through the implementation of strategies that bolster opportunities for education, innovation, and economic growth among our members and community at large.

DEI Pillars

Community Impact

Economic empowerment of  Q+ businesses and advocacy for social justice and equity in our communities.



Intentional programming that is accessible and inclusive, providing services that remove barriers to success, and building resources that reflect the needs of our communities.



Commitment to accountability by systematically, strategically, and intentionally reviewing and adjusting our systems, processes, initiatives, and resources.

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