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THRIVE In Business | Oregon Queer Business Accelerator Program
As Oregon's largest LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce, our focus is to promote entrepreneurship and champion the success of Q+ businesses in the State of Oregon. 

THRIVE in Business is a series of growth-inspired programming developed by and for Q+ businesses and entrepreneurs. Receive the value of connection, expertise, resources, and community-driven support that can take you and your business to the next level. 

We're here for the GLOW UP.
We want to see you THRIVE! 


If you want to go far, go together!

We connect Q+ Mentees with experienced Mentors who can share knowledge, insights, and offer guidance to foster personal and professional growth. We invite both Mentees and Mentors to learn from one another, which we believe both strengthens and unifies Q+ businesses. 


We're ready to help launch your great idea. Are you?!

Designed specifically for early-stage Q+ entrepreneurs, our Incubator program accelerates the path to legally doing business and provides essential education that help new business owners innovate and grow. From the start, this program offers community and Q+ leadership support that help new business owners get their ideas off the ground in a supportive and effective environment.


Must be an ORPIB Member to qualify for THRIVE in Business Programming. Financial assistance is available to cover Membership Dues for any Q+ identifying professional, entrepreneur, or business owner. Available only to Oregon-based businesses. 

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