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Our Community Agreements

ORPIB members must agree with working to uphold these guidelines. 

Names and Pronouns

When introducing yourself, please share your name and pronouns to make sure we can fully respect you – after all there is nothing sweeter than the sound of one’s own correct name & pronoun.

One Mic

Only one person speaks at a time, and the rest of the group actively listens and reflects back what they have heard, or asks clarifying questions, before adding to the conversation with the goal of understanding.

"I" Statements

When sharing your perspective, please use “I” statements to avoid generalizing about the experiences of other people or groups.


Good Will

Come to the table with a beginners mind, open to learning from new perspectives and ideas that may differ from your own.


Show up when we commit, understand we are all busy, and honor our collective time to get our goals accomplished together through active participation and contributions.


We often share confidential information that may be proprietary to our organization, our members, and our businesses– let's all work to maintain a high standard of discretion.


If you’re someone who processes verbally or are prone to sharing, ask, yourself: “Why am I talking?" to help make space for other perspectives.  If you’re someone who takes time to share verbally, ask yourself, “What can I contribute to the discussion?"– because we want to hear from you!

Ouch & Oops

If someone says something unskillfully, we encourage members to say "ouch", and the other person to respond with "oops." Dialogue can follow to ensure we understand what was said that may have caused harm, and helps us work towards repair.

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