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Portland Polar Plunge Manager | Special Olympics Oregon

Scope of Services

The primary responsibilities of the Contractor are as follows (but not limited to):

Revenue Generation

Contractor should expect to spend approximately 75% of their time on

revenue generation by recruiting participants and teams, sponsorship sales, and in-kind

budget relief, with the following goals and objectives:

1. Registrations and peer-to-peer fundraising

  • Increase number of teams registered in local market to 200 teams

  • Increase number of participants registered in local market to 1500 participants

  • Increase funds raised through registrations and peer-to-peer fundraising in local market to $300,000

  • Increase the average amount generated by each participant in local market

2. Sponsorships

  • Generate local sponsorship (defined as sponsors that only participate in one market versus statewide sponsors who participate in all Plunges) revenue through renewals, upsells, and new partnerships to $40,000 in sponsorships

  • Sponsorships need to align with approved pricing and benefits set by the Company

  • Corporate sponsors must be compliant with the payment terms to receive agreed upon benefits

  • Hard costs associated with or incurred because of a sponsorship need to be approved by Company

  • Contractor must provide timely and accurate communication regarding sponsorship deliverables to Company and sponsor representatives

3. Total campaign revenue goal (registrations + peer-to-peer fundraising + sponsorships) will be $340,000 (an increase from $191,691 for the 2020 Virtual Polar Plunge)

4. Use reporting using tools required by Special Olympics Oregon

Community Impact & Polar Plunge Committee

Contractor will act as a representative of Company and the Polar Plunge brand in the local market, which should consume about 15% of their time, through the following activities:

  • Recruit, manage, and grow volunteer fundraising committee comprised of community leaders by 2 people

  • Promote Special Olympics Oregon and the Polar Plunge brand in the local market by creating local media partnerships, engaging local businesses, and through local social and digital media promotions

  • Engage local business and government leaders to solicit their support in promoting or actively participating in Polar Plunge

  • Recruit day of event volunteers, with help of Company’s volunteer coordinator

  • Ensure timely and accurate communication is provided to all stakeholders

  • Attend all Plunge events including committee meetings, pre-event registration, and the Polar Plunge event


Working alongside Hood to Coast to coordinate and manage the execution of all

aspects of the event, which should consume about 10% of the time and would include but not

be limited to:

  • Operations, participant registration, event check-in, and vendor partnerships:

  • Venue agreements and permits

  • Vendor contracts and scheduling

  • Execution of sponsorship deliverables per agreements

  • Pre-event check-in

  • Venue layout that best serves crowd management and attendee experience

  • Manage post-event tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Scheduling and attending post-event wrap-up meeting

  • Managing budget

  • Wrapping up all communication with committee, vendors, and sponsors

  • Thank you notes written to sponsors, team captains, highest fundraisers,

  • vendors, and committee members

Fees, Compensation, and Terms

Contract term: August 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021

Contractor will be paid $750 monthly fee during this term

Prior to August 1, 2020:

  • Contractor may perform work that is pre-approved by Company, not to exceed 10 hours per week

  • Contractor will be paid $25/hour for work performed out of the contract term

Bonus for sponsorships sold

  • New sponsorship bonus: New sponsorship is defined as a partner that has never sponsored Special Olympics Oregon or has had a 3-year lapse in engagement. Contractor will receive a 10% bonus for new net sponsorship revenue in year one of the contract

  • Multi-year sponsor contract: will be paid a 10% bonus on each year of the contract, based on the net revenue

  • Contractor must be under contract with Company to receive bonus in consecutive years

  • Bonus for multi-year contracts will be paid in addition to bonus on new business sold

  • Bonus will be paid at end of Contractor term

Expense Reimbursement

Attached to and by reference made a part of Independent Contractor Agreement between Contractor and Company “SOOR”

Expense Reimbursement Policy

The following are expenses that will be reimbursed by the Company:

  • Office supplies, copies, postage, and shipping

  • Documented business mileage will be reimbursed at .56 cents per mile

  • Entertainment of prospective event supporters or participants, within budget constraints and reasonable customary non-profit standards (requires approval)

Invoicing and Expense Reimbursement Process

  • The process for submitting invoices and expense reimbursements is as follows:

  • Contractor will submit invoices on or about the last day of each month for payment as described below

  • Contractor will be paid within fourteen (14) business days of the invoice date for services rendered

  • Expense reports should be submitted to Company for approval, on a monthly or semi-monthly basis

  • Expense reimbursements will be made within ten (10) calendar days of receipt

  • No taxes or deductions are taken out of these payments

  • Contractor will receive a copy of IRS form 1099-MISC in a timely manner (on or before the

  • last day of January following the year of engagement)

  • Contractor to provide a current W-9

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