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ORPIB Advocacy Committee Update, March 14 2024

The 2024 Legislative Session adjourned on Thursday, March 7. This email is to update you on bills from ORPIB’s bill tracker. Note: these represent a small subset of the 291 bills introduced this session. Both items from ORPIB’s call to action were enacted by SB 5701, the budget rebalance bill. Thanks to all who contacted their legislator!  


Effective on passage:

SB 1515: Technical fixes to Paid Leave Oregon. 

SB 1580: Creates misdemeanor crime of reporting false payroll information to Workers Compensation Board. 

HB 4002: Funds addiction treatment and makes it a misdemeanor to possess hard drugs with possibility for deflection and expungement. (Misdemeanor takes effect September 1, 2024.)

HB 4153: Establishes a task force on artificial intelligence. 

  • $11.8 million for seven major cultural venues and 13 arts and culture organizations (this was originally SB 1582).

  • $8 million for the Economic Equity Investment Fund (this was originally HB 4041 with some notable differences in the funding amount and policy language).

Effective June 6, 2024:

HB 4035: Allows more employment taxes to be used by the Employment Department.

Effective next year:

HB 4020: Requires notaries public to complete a course of study offered by the Secretary of State. Effective January 1, 2025. 

HB 4058: Creates a residential property wholesaler registration. Effective July 1, 2025. 

HB 4111: Makes all farm machinery tax exempt. Effective July 1, 2025.


Bills affecting minors’ gender affirming care, bathrooms, and collegiate sports did not pass this session. The full bill tracker, including other bills that did not pass, can be viewed here.

The Advocacy Committee is volunteer-powered. To add your voice, please email

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