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Add your event to the ORPIB Calendar

Members, Partners, and Volunteers, please follow this guide to learn how to post your event to ORPIB's calendar.

1. Click on the gray Member Portal button under the logo at the top of

2. Enter your login credentials in the Username and Password fields. You can click "Forgot" link under the Password field if you've misplaced your login information. 

If you do not have an Info Hub account yet, you can create one here as well. Just use the "Create One" link that appears to the right of the Sign In button.

3. Click on Events in the left sidebar to see all future events on our calendar.

4. Click on the orange button in the upper right of the frame that says + Add New Event  to begin creating your event.​

5. Enter your event details in the pop-up window. 

Don't worry yet about styling your text.

6. Select a display calendar from the drop-down menu just above the Done button. 

If you do not select a calendar, your event will not appear on the website after it is approved.

7. After clicking "Done" to create your event, you will see your post.

 8. Click on Edit to access the rich-text editor.

  • Here you can style your text's size, color, and alignment

  • Add images

  • Add links

8. The image below maps out how certain content types in your Event posting will display on our website.  

9. If you would like to add a thumbnail image to your listing, please send it to us in an email. 

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