Dear ORPIB Members,

ORPIB is tracking the 2024 Oregon Legislative Session. We understand there are many bills that could affect you. We have highlighted a few: ORPIB Bill Tracker. Our work is volunteer-powered; to get involved, please email
First, please know that we have been keeping an eye on some BAD BILLS. Bills that would interfere with minors’ gender affirming care, bathrooms, and collegiate sports are not moving forward this session.

There are some GOOD bills, and we encourage you to write your state legislators:

  • HB 4041 puts $30 million in the Economic Equity Investment Fund in Biz Oregon and adds tribal members to those eligible to receive funds

  • HB 4124 and SB 1582 grant $27.4 million to various organizations of arts and culture

Please customize the template below and speak for your own self and business (not ORPIB).

Dear [Rep. or Senator NAME]

As a business owner, I support economic development geared toward underrepresented communities. Therefore I urge your support for HB 4041 to appropriate $30 million in the Economic Equity Investment Fund within Biz Oregon and add tribal members as eligible grantees. 

I also understand that a thriving community lifts all our businesses. Please support HB 4124 and SB 1582 to grant $27.4 million to various arts and culture organizations.